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A Special Homecoming

August 23, 2015  •  7 Comments

Late Thursday night I got a text from my friend Keri that said simply, "How much would you charge to come take a few pictures of James' homecoming? His flight comes in Saturday." This was from one of the absolute sweetest women I know and also someone I admire because I don't know how on Earth she does what she does. With 6 kids (including two that she and her husband adopted) and a husband that is in the service, she always has a smile on her face, runs two of the girls between multiple dance classes and never has a sour note for anyone. She was one of the dance moms in the dressing room with my daughter for her first performance and saved my sanity that year. I wouldn't dare charge for something so special and despite an already crazy schedule on Saturday, I told her not to worry about anything. I would be there to capture the smiles and tears.

On Saturday, I pulled into the airport parking lot at a little before 1:00. Or I should say I attempted to. The traffic was backed up to the road with emergency vehicles flying down the wrong side of the road and the traffic at a stand still. Some investigating turned up there was a bomb threat and a suspicious package inside the airport. Keri couldn't even get inside. After some frantic texts back and forth, some sweating that we weren't going to get in and a lot of sitting in the car waiting, we finally got the all clear. I was able to capture this loving reunion between not only a husband and wife and kids but also his mother, grandmother and many other friends and family. The story was even picked up by an LEX18 reporter that was hanging around after the bomb threat. So Lt. Col. James Martin certainly got the homecoming reception he deserved! We thank you for your service. The pictures speak for themselves here.


Beth Davis(non-registered)
What a beautiful homecoming. The pictures speak volumes. God bless you and your precious family!!
Sara Lush(non-registered)
Welcome home James! The photos said it all! I can only imagine how happy you are to be reunited with Keri and your family and how overjoyed they all are to have their Dad and husband home. God has watched over you and kept you safe. Thanj your for your service to our country. Much love and blessings to you and your family!
Mary Lou Childers (Dr. Jones Office)(non-registered)
Oh My gosh, I LOVE THIS!!!! was walking thru house television on and I saw them talking to you, I said OMG I know him!!!!! So glad you are home and AGAIN,and AGAIN THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!!!!!!!!
Dinah Martin(non-registered)
Thank you for your beautiful and generous gift to our entire family! As James' Mom and Keri's "Mother-in-Love" I envisioned all the pictures I hoped would be captured when James arrived in Lexington. As an amateur photographer, I would have loved to be snapping hundreds of magic moments; but clapping, flag waving, sign-holding, crying and hugging took priority over photography for me. :) So, I prayed others would understand that this day we had all anticipated for for over a year, was one we would want to relive in photos forever, and that each person would want to treasure that instant when they saw James safely home. I imagined the moment when James could hold Keri in his arms and give her the kiss he'd saved for so long, when each child could look into their Daddy's eyes and feel his embrace, when my other two sons would bear hug their soldier-brother, when his 93 year old grandmother would get the kiss she waited and prayed for, and when his Dad and I would squeeze our beloved son. I wanted the crowd, the signs, balloons, flags, tears....everything! And I wanted the group photos where everyone is included and standing proud with James & Keri for that priceless moment of pure joy! My sisters and their husbands drove from Tennessee to be there. James' WWII Marine grandmother was in a hospital bed that morning; and her one goal was to be at the airport. She used mouthwash twice and said, "I'm expecting a kiss." With your camera, your talent and your heart, you created masterpieces of love we will all treasure. Thank you from the Mama's heart. YOU DID IT!
Glen Howard(non-registered)
Welcome home James! Another overseas adventure is behind you...May God continue to bless you and your family!
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